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Best Places to Retire Around the World

If you are looking for adventure, new experiences and a bit of challenge as the years roll by, you may be well suited to retiring oversees. Many of us boomers still cling to our revolutionary ways and the thought of a whole new life in our Golden Years sounds awfully good. If you are contemplating […]

Habit Formation: You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks!

Okay… I’m not calling any of us lovely ladies old dogs. But there is some truth to that old time phrase. The discovery of neuro-plasticity has proven that our brains can adapt and evolve at any age. This is awfully good news for any feisty lady who may want to make a few changes in […]

Menopause: Mother Nature’s Happy Surprise

Who knew this dreaded biomarker of age could initiate so many wonderful changes in a woman’s life? In fact, the truth about menopause is one big secret older women share. Most younger women don’t have a clue about the wonders in store for them once they make it through the decidedly rocky period known as […]

Your Chance to Mingle With the Stars!

What if you had the chance to mix and mingle with the great western stars of your youth? Wouldn’t it be fun to amble through the old cowboy towns accompanied by the people who walked these same streets both in front of and behind the camera? What would you give to share memories of the […]

Job Search 50: Engage, Maintain and Motivate Your Network

Few experiences in life are as frustrating as a job search… especially when you are confronting the barriers faced by a mature job-seeker. The good news is that unkind stereotypes, concerns over healthcare expenses and other aspects of ageist thinking held by employers can be overcome. But, to break through these formidable roadblocks, you need […]

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