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Over 50? It’s Time to Look at Your Life Stories!

What is a life story? To me, life stories are the beliefs we hold about our childhood, our cultural and social backgrounds and the combined messages we received from parents, teachers and others whose opinion mattered to us growing up. They form the basis of how we view our talents and abilities (or lack thereof), our […]

How to Ace a Remote Interview

If you are in a job search, or know someone who is, be sure to check out this important information from the great folks at Hubstaff. With special thanks to Rachel Go! The future of work is evolving quickly, as one in five Americans work from home, and that number is expected to exceed 60 […]

Will Jumping Jacks Make Your Neurons Nimble? Check This Out!

Numerous studies are showing that adding a few jumping jacks to your daily routine (or other forms of aerobic exercise) will go a long way to boost your brain power. And that’s wonderful news for baby boomers. In addition to growing older, the brains of many in our generation got a whopping dose of those […]

Fun Ways to Improve Your Memory

Have you been having trouble remembering names, losing your car in a large parking lot or searching to find where you left your reading glasses? If so, you’ll want to check out this infographic. The good people at The Memory Improvement website shared their fun and helpful tips with us feisty folk, so be sure to […]

Exercise: The 5-Minute Miracle!

Okay… perhaps this title sounds too good to be true. And, if this is your take on it, you are partly right. When I’m suggesting you can get the exercise you need in a mere 5-minutes, obviously I’m not including aerobics, walking and other forms of daily movement. But much of what your body needs […]

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