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Shingles: The Rash Nobody Wants

Boomers are susceptible to contracting a painful and debilitating rash called shingles. The root cause lies within the bodies of anyone who had chickenpox as a child. (And very few of us boomers can boast of remaining pox-free throughout our childhood.) The virus hides in nerve cells, usually in the spine, and can become active […]

The All-Essential Boomer Tool… Can You Guess What It Is?

If you’re a boomer, your childhood was impacted by the likes of Howdy Doody, Leave it to Beaver, The Donna Reed Show, The Andy Griffith Show, and on and on. There’s no doubt about it—we were the first TV generation and the boob tube had a huge influence on our formative years. But we also […]

7 Reasons We Boomers Still Rock!

Okay… we’re getting older. In fact, if we get the urge to shake our booty, we’re likely to set off reverberations so powerful they could frighten the neighbors. But old, dowdy, and invisible? I doubt it! The planet has never experienced a generation like us boomers and we’re just settling into our prime. There are tons […]

The Truth About Complementary Health Approaches

Boomer women have a history of breaking the mold. If historians would pick one word to describe our cohort group, it would likely be “trailblazers.” We have certainly revolutionized our share of social norms. And, as older women, we took the second great female rite of passage, menopause, from a closeted secret to a national […]

What Would You Do If You Knew You Could Not Fail?

Midlife and beyond is the time when a woman’s journey expands. She is no longer encumbered by the overriding demands of young families and early careers. The hormonal changes of menopause have brought about greater drives for self-assertion, independence and a sense of purpose and mastery. Moreover, the knowledge that our time is limited brings […]

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