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Women, Relationships and Growing Older

I love the book, Gift From the Sea. Although it was originally written in the 1950s, Anne Morrow Lindbergh exhibited a life-force and style that was far ahead of her time. Or, maybe not. Perhaps, I’m just flaunting the bravado and self-indulgent pride we boomers are known for. Maybe our mothers and the women of […]

Over 50? Find Your Voice Now!

Many boomers know that the years past 50 gift us with an added urge to express ourselves. You may choose to blog, write short stories and personal essays, or even produce the great American novel. But, whichever form you choose to pursue, writing is most often a two-person job. It’s awfully difficult to go it […]

What Is The Most Critical Time of Your Job Interview?

Answer: It’s the 30 minutes before it begins! You have been called in for a job interview and you want to do your best. Are you confident you can convey the qualities and style employers are looking to find? Are you prepared to set yourself apart with the impact of your first impression? Are you […]

Over 50? Have You Broken Through Your Bag?

Many of us remember when the question of yesteryear was, “what’s your bag?” This, of course, was the hip way of asking what someone did. And, it’s still groovy to have a bag; goals to aspire to and a direction to follow. But, when was the last time you reexamined your life’s path? Menopause is […]

Over 50? Your Vitality is Showing!

Some women over fifty report a sense of slowing down, not feeling in their prime, and not being as clear thinking and energetic as they used to be. Actually, for most of us, nothing could be further from the truth. Although we boomers may not have the physical stamina we did in our youth, our sense […]

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