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A Well Deserved Pat on the Back for the Post-50 Woman!

The boomers were out to change the world for the better. We protested, marched, and held sit-ins and be-ins—all in the name of “power to the people.” Among our multiple movements, the peace movement and the civil rights movement were hallmarks of our generation. For boomer women, however, the movement most personal to many of […]

Astounding Factoids You’ll Want to Know!

Even though you’ve made it past 50 and have learned a lot over your lifetime, there are some aspects of the world of nature you probably never knew. Here are a few factoids to get you thinking… And, speaking of brains, hopefully you’ve just excited your neurons with these fascinating facts. Our world is a […]

What I Learned From a Chico’s Catalogue

Women over 50 experience our share of challenges… and one of them is figuring out how best to clothe and accessorize an aging body. Granted—this isn’t a life or death issue. But, as women, we care about our appearance and still want to look our best. Enter Chico’s. Although this company doesn’t specifically brand its […]

Over 50? Time to Get What You Really Want!

“Don’t do anything halfway” was a popular piece of advice we boomers got growing up. The idea being that, in order to achieve anything in life, you need to give it your all. But, as universal as this sentiment might be, it’s not always true. In fact, Barbara Hannah Grufferman thinks giving a mere 50% […]

3 Keys to Aging With Attitude

It’s no longer a secret! Today’s woman over 50 refuses to migrate to the margins of society complaining she’s become invisible. Modern women of maturity are, in fact, flaunting a renewed sense of themselves as powerful beings who are now freed up to pursue their own goals and passions. Mostly empty nesters, their focus shifts […]

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