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How to Ace the Trickiest Interview Questions

If you are actively looking for work, you know the importance of adequately preparing for a job interview. These meetings, more than any other components of your search, are the events that will determine your success. You can prepare yourself by gaining a thorough knowledge of the company, how the organization is positioned in the […]

Why This Ol’ Gal Loves Her Body!

Any woman over 50 knows all too well that one of the biggest challenges of ageing is keeping our physical infrastructure in place. Body parts start heading south at an alarming rate, leaving strange new crinkles and folds in their wake. And even the fittest among us have to admit that gravity is not our […]

Skills: Your Key to Job Security!

For those of you who are regular readers of Feisty Side of Fifty, you know I’m a huge proponent of the bountiful changes a woman experiences during her midlife makeover. No, I’m not referring to a new, stylish wardrobe that covers and camouflages or an uplifting hairdo that draws the eye away from the crows’ […]

Problem Knees? Maybe It’s Time to Consider Surgery

Okay… I get it. Forever young is a state of mind and age is just a number. But sometimes, the ol’ bod starts creaking more than it should. Although we hate to think about it, even boomers have to get serious about aging. Arthritis and joint problems are a pain in every sense of the […]

How to Accessorize Your Fiesty Side

This is the second of two guest posts by make-up professional, Cassie Brewer. Cassie lives in Southern California and, in her free time, enjoys writing about her passion (make-up of course!) and everything beauty related. Nothing makes her happier than helping others be the best version of themselves they can be. You can read more at cassiebrewer.weebly.com […]

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