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A Strange Tale of Ants and Underpants

Human diversity is wonderful… so is the perspective of age. And I get it. Young people want to distinguish themselves as being far cooler than previous generations. They want to rebel and even shock their elders. Heck… we boomers did that in spades. We challenged the conservative values of the Eisenhower years with our far-out […]

Mature Jobseeker? Now is the Time to Land Your Summer Job!

Think summer jobs are just for kids? Well… think again! Now is just the right time and you are at just the right age to land an adventure-filled position that will prove both fun and fulfilling. The seasonal job market has opened up to applicants of all ages as many employers welcome job-seekers with a […]

Beauty Tips and Product Offers From the Skin Whisperer!

If you’re over 50 and a regular reader of this blog, you know how angry I can get at the misleading and downright deceptive tactics of the cosmetic companies. Not only do they make outrageous claims concerning their products’ efficacy, the models they select to hawk their “age-defying” potions are either barely out of their […]

Florence Henderson Shares Her Tips For Aging the Feisty Way!

Being a boomer, there’s little doubt you can recite the words to the Brady Bunch theme song. The ever-smiling, ever-patient Carol Brady was dubbed a “lovely lady” and that she certainly was. But as lovely as the fictional Carol appeared, she couldn’t hold a candle to her real life counterpart, Florence Henderson. Florence makes no […]

Why Feisty Folk Make the Best Sweethearts!

If you’ve kissed your fiftieth birthday goodbye, you may get concerned about your libido from time to time. Is your boudoir as steamy as it once was? Do you sometimes feel like the sizzle has fizzled in your relationship? Are you wondering if your groove thing is giving up the ghost? Well—worry not! We of […]

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