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Time to Charge Up Your “Havingness” Quotient!

You may be wondering what I’m talking about. But, there is such a thing as a “havingness quotient” and it’s worth examining and developing. I know, because I recently had my own shaken in ways I never could have imagined. I have been working on a goal for over five years. When I started, it […]

Over 50? Here’s How to Love the Skin You’re In!

Women over 50 share special concerns regarding our health, wellbeing and our looks. Although age gifts us with life perspective and a far greater sense of our-SELVES, it also challenges us in many ways—one of those being our appearance. No, we don’t want to look tightly pulled, odd and obviously trying too hard to seem young. But […]

Suffering From the Job Search Blues? 3 Surefire Solutions to Overcome Your Biggest Challenges

Attitude is everything… especially in a job search. But looking for work is hardand filled with mounting frustrations and multiple rejections. So how will you keep upbeat and positive? How can you pull yourself out of the slumps and setbacks so inherent to the process? How will you maintain the necessary energy, enthusiasm and confidence […]

Sophie Speaks: Gorgeous For Good

Last week, I wrote that I was participating in an exciting 30-day program to become Gorgeous For Good. And I have to let you know that this fun and life-affirming experience is really making a difference. I feel more energetic, stronger–both mentally and physically–and my skin is looking younger each day. In other words: FORGET THE YEARS […]

Are You Strengthening Your Risk-Taking Muscle?

Women over 50 know that, if we want to remain physically active and mentally acute as we age, we have to exercise. We need strength training to maintain muscle mass; we need cardio workouts to keep our blood pressure in check and provide optimal blood flow to our brain and other vital organs; and we […]

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