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Job Search 50: 3 Ways to Boost Your “It” Factor!

What are the real reasons that make employers find a candidate attractive? Are applicants appealing because of the skills they bring to the position? Are they especially desirable as a result of the companies where they’ve worked, their educational background or the status of their job title? Perhaps their experience level is the differential that […]

Soap Stars Spill Their Sudsy Secrets to Feisty Side of Fifty

If you are a soap lover, or just someone who loves a great story, you are in for a real treat! Tina Sloan spent 26 years ministering to the needs of her patients as nurse Lillian Raines on Guiding Light. Gloria Loring took to the stage on Days of Our Lives as saucy songstress, Liz […]

Fascinating Facts All About Us Boomers!

I came across a fascinating article entitled, Baby Boomer Generation Fast Facts. Here are some of the highlights I found particularly interesting: Statistics: 75.4 million Baby Boomers (as of 2015) 1946 – post World War II 3,411,000 – the number of babies born in the U.S. 9,345.2 per day 389.38 per hour 6.49 per minute […]

Finding the Upside of Downsizing: 4 Tips to Make Your New Space a Home

This guest post was written by Joe Cohen of Wheelhouse Search. Between empty nests, the rising cost of living, and many other factors of life after 50, downsizing can start to make a lot of sense for Boomers. Trimming the fat from your life is an exhilarating and freeing experience, and many find it an […]

Another Boomer Triumph! Dowdy is Dead (Well… Almost)

How many of us boomers get frustrated when attempting to find a new outfit that flatters our figure and lifts our mood? These days, this feat isn’t so easy to achieve. It seems that retailers can’t quite hit the mark. All too often, styles aimed at our demographic tend to be either dowdy and frumpy, […]

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