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Aging: 4 Ways We’ve Saved the Best for Last

Yes… I know all about aches and pains. And, yes, Bette Davis was right when she remarked that growing older ain’t for sissies. But there are at least 4 indisputable ways that age does have its advantages. So let’s take a moment to recognize some of the gold in our golden years. Menopause and the […]

Balance Problems: What Can Send You Out of Whack…

If you’ve ever felt dizzy or lightheaded, you are not alone. In fact, close to 15 percent of adult Americans have complained of dizziness in the past year. So what makes us feel unsteady on our feet? And—more importantly—what can we do about it? As we age, disturbances in the inner ear are more common. […]

Targeted Networking Part II

Targeted networking (i.e. focusing your efforts on connecting with influencers and decision-makers in your line of work) is critical to your ultimate success. This technique has been proven time and again to be the most predictable and fastest route to a new position. Below is a continueation of my previous post on how best to connect […]

Targeted Networking: Your Fastest Way To a New Job!

Want to know the best way to land a job? Experts maintain that targeted networking is the key—a technique proven time and again to be the most predictable and fastest route to a new position. This approach, furthermore, is particularly effective if you are a job-seeker of maturity. Older applicants face a number of potential […]

Words Can Be Tricky!

One of our generation’s greatest assets is our way with words. We grew up long before digital devices created the abbreviation fixation that rules today. In fact, we actually learned to write: “this is for you” not “this is 4 u.” Whenever I counsel mature jobseekers, moreover, I let them know that our communication skills—both […]

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