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3 Simple Ways to Turn You Into Job Candidate #1!

How would you like to be viewed as the #1 Candidate for the job? Think it’s impossible once you’ve hit fifty or older? Think again! Although it’s true that older job-seekers face special challenges in today’s market, you might be surprised to learn that some of the best ways to successfully compete against younger applicants […]

3 Reasons Why Women at Woodstock Will Change Your Life!

Women at Woodstock, life-transforming retreats for women 50 and up, is now taking registration for each of their 3 retreats: Woodstock, NY, Charleston, SC and Palm Springs, CA. They are all being held in October and, if you register by July 31, you’ll receive a $100 discount! There are numerous reasons to attend but here […]

Women Over 50: Take it Step-by-Step for Health and Wellness!

As women who’ve passed our 50th birthday, we know that maintaining our good health becomes increasingly important. Eating the right foods, drinking plenty of water, getting sufficient sleep and exercise are key ways to keep us feisty and fit. Nevertheless, new research is pointing out that we need to do more. In the past year, […]

A Needed Change in World Order

Baby boomers now look at life from the vantage point of age and a certain amount of wisdom. None of us will deny that, in our youth, we engaged in our share of follies and false assumptions. With our signature mix of protest, experimentation of all types, and our famously flamboyant counterculture credo, we thought […]

Is Your Doctor Recommending a New Plan of Treatment? Check This Out First!

The National Institute of Health and the National Institute on Aging have come together to provide senior Americans with practical, health-related articles and resources. You can find out more at  NIHSeniorHealth.gov. One video I found particularly interesting is called, “What to Ask Your Doctor” and includes a series of questions you will want to bring […]

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