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The Surprising Power of Coincidence

Have you ever had encountered a coincidence that made a difference in your life? What about an intuition or a hunch? Ever had a friend pop into your head and, when you contacted her, found out something major was going on and she needed to hear from you?

Gloria Loring, the talented singer/songwriter who, among other pursuits, enjoyed a 6-year stint playing Liz Chandler on Days of Our Lives credits coincidence with more than meets the eye… actually a lot more. So much so that her recently released book is entitled Coincidence is God’s Way of Remaining Anonymous. Gloria calls her work a spiritual autobiography because it chronicles her personal journey and ultimate recognition of how divine intervention impacted her life. In truth, the combination of coincidence, intuition and spiritual practices led her to encounter unexpected events that ultimately changed the course of her life.

But Gloria takes her theory much further than her own experience. She makes reference to both scientific research and what she terms EBL (evidence based living) to bolster her claims of the power of coincidence. By the way, Gloria willingly admits that the title was not her own creation. Rather, she borrowed that phrase from one of the greatest scientists of them all: Albert Einstein!

For me, this book has become a treasured resource that I’ve read and reread several times. I heartily recommend it to each of you who are yearning to add more meaning to the second half of your life. Gloria presents the information in a straightforward easy-to-understand way, using her own experience as a tool from which you can draw your own conclusions.

Understandably, it was my great pleasure to interview Gloria on Feisty Side of Fifty Radio. If you are looking for 15-minutes that might truly change you life, I suggest you give it a listen. Gloria’s enthusiasm and joy in sharing her message are palpable and, whether or not you buy into the power of coincidence, you’ll come away uplifted by her energy alone.

So, if the start of the New Year has you wanting more out of your life, take a look at Coincidence is God’s Way of Remaining Anonymous. This is one book you’ll never forget!

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