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A Man of Wit and Wisdom

One of the joys of being over 50 is the perspective that age gifts to us. The ability to recognize and celebrate the special moments in our lives evolves as the years unfold, our time on earth becomes limited, and we find ourselves living more in the here and now.

I’ve just experienced one of those special events—both personally and professionally. I’ve enjoyed the immense pleasure and real honor of interviewing one of our nation’s great statesmen, Senator Adlai Stevenson III. As you’ll immediately recognize from his name, this well-known gentleman descends from a long line of statesmen who’ve left their indelible imprint upon our nation’s history. Until our interview, however, I hadn’t realized how long that line really was.

Senator Stevenson came to Feisty Side of Fifty Radio to discuss his insightful, wide-ranging, and wonderfully humorous work, The Black Book. This is the story of five generations of the senator’s family—from his great, great grandfather (who was instrumental in securing the Presidency for Abraham Lincoln) down through his own career in politics.

But the book is much more than a family memoir; it’s a treasure trove of historical references, anecdotes, sayings, and laugh-out-loud quotes. It’s also rich with behind-the-scenes politics that will inspire, amuse, and sometimes outrage the reader but will always have you turning pages with anticipation of what’s to come.

I invite you to take a listen and hear Senator Stevenson share his personal and surprisingly tongue-in-cheek story of American political history from an insider’s point of view. It’s 15-minutes that will both engage and inspire you as this man of wit and wisdom imparts his unique take on where we’ve been and where we’re headed as a nation.

Moreover, for a wonderful read that will give you a statesman’s perspective on life, politics, and the human condition, be sure to check out The Black Book. The author’s goal was to “draw lessons for the future from a rich past.” And, from this reader’s perspective, Senator Stevenson has done just that—this is one book that belongs on everyone’s nightstand!

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