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Your Post-50 Love Life—Tons of Unicorns Out There!

Society may not consider women over 50 as being hot tamales in the boudoir. It’s far more likely we’ll be depicted as rather doughy forms of lukewarm milquetoast. But Suzanne Braun Levine has just published her latest book, How We Love Now: Sex and the New Intimacy in Second Adulthood and her findings might surprise you. In fact, this book is likely to ignite your hot flashes… and in a good way!

Suzanne’s exploration of this long taboo topic has hit a nerve. Wherever she goes, she’s getting enthusiastic responses from both women and men who are eager to share. It seems that passion doesn’t die once you turn fifty. In truth, in many ways, it heats up.

However all of the comments regarding boomers in the bedroom haven’t been positive. Suzanne writes of one rather snarky response to her suggestion that women over 50 are still a lusty lot in an article for Huff/Post 50 entitled: “Sex, Love, and Unicorns: A Valentine to Intimacy as We Age.” This particular article garnered an astounding 500 comments. So, unbeknownst to the author of the original comment, it seems there are tons of unicorn riders out there just waiting to make their presence known.

Suzanne and I discussed this and other hot topics in her book on Feisty Side of Fifty Radio. Take a listen to our 15-minute broadcast and check out your own status as a unicorn rider. The sexual revolution of the ‘60s came about as a result of the pill. How We Love Now just might spark our next sexual revolution—and this time we don’t have to worry about contraception!

Boomers have been beating down barriers our entire lives. Isn’t it time we move closer to home and let those whippersnappers who think we’re too old for amour know that grey hair is sexy. After all, they don’t call it the feisty side of fifty for nothing!

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    I loved your interview with Suzanne Braun Levine. I was one of the fortunate ones to be able to see her when she was in San Francisco. She has both the skill and sensitivity, in your interview and in front of a crowd, to engage us in a topic that often doesn’t come easily. Her warmth and engagement with all of us, men and women, stimulate discussions that allow us to reflect on the numerous joys we are savoring at this “over 50″ time of life. Thanks Suzanne!

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