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Let Menopause Be Your Muse

Boomer women have long been known for our chutzpah. So rather than fading into the margins of society once we hit fifty, we chose to become anything but invisible. Perhaps it was due to our vast numbers, our revolutionary spirit, or maybe it was menopause and the energy generated by a communal hot flash of epic proportions. Whatever the underlying cause, we gals are growing ever stronger, more forthright, and letting our voices be heard. As you know, I like to claim we’re “revolutionizing the spirit and style of aging.”

So why not let your own voice be heard? Why not share your personal tale with a mass audience? If you’ve got an anecdote about aging and menopause, have I got the perfect forum for you!  Not Your Mother’s Book on Menopause will be your chance to contribute humorous, inspiring, and even edgy tales of how you’ve traveled that rather rocky road to true maturity.

There are some guidelines you’ll need to follow. Stories need to be true accounts, written in the first person, and between 500 and 1500 words. (There are a few additional requirements you’ll want to check out.) Otherwise, have fun; unleash all that creativity that blossoms in midlife and let menopause be your muse.

When you’ve finished, submit your story here—be sure to click on the book title for menopause. (When the book is published, a brief epilogue will appear after your story where you can share information about yourself, your blog, or additional activities you’d like to promote.)

So have at it and enjoy! Let’s let the world know that our flower power is now in full bloom. In fact, in true boomer fashion, our generation is taking the “pause” out of menopause. And Not Your Mother’s Book on Menopause will be a celebration of the ground-breaking, revolutionary, and very feisty side of fifty—won’t you add your voice to the revolution?

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2 Responses to “Let Menopause Be Your Muse”

  1. 1
    Eileen Williams:

    It’s fine to submit previously published material. As long as you own the rights and it meets the additional requirements, you should be good to go. Thanks for your interest and your comment!

  2. 2

    I’d like to submit something humorous to your book but wanted to know if I could submit something I’ve already blogged about or do I need to start with something fresh? I’m glad you’re putting this together and I look forward to reading it!!!

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