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Your Very Own 3rd Act!

Many of us on the feisty side of fifty are enjoying the pinnacle of career success. The thought of slowing down and contemplating retirement may, therefore, seem like a long way off. But Bev Scott and Patricia Cavanaugh, founders and partners of 3rd Act, suggest that it’s not too early to begin planning for and actively designing the rest of our lives.

Remaining true to our fabled past, boomers continue to revolutionize the cultural landscape. Now that the earliest members of our generation are turning 65, we’re once again leaving our mark and transforming the idea of retirement. Gone are the rocking chairs and fishing rods favored by previous generations—ditched in favor of encore careers, consulting practices, volunteer activities, art classes, and the like. We may choose to remove our nose from the grindstone and appreciate a wider view beyond the grindstone itself…but we still wish to contribute, keep active, and make an impact.

So what to do? Enter Bev and Patricia! They believe boomers are embarking upon a truly exciting time of life: virtually unchartered, relatively free from social expectations and family obligations, and with the freedom to follow activities that provide meaning and purpose to our lives.

To help us take best advantage of this time of golden opportunities, Patricia and Bev have joined together to provide workshops and individual coaching sessions that will help you focus on your own next stage of life. Their backgrounds couldn’t have blended any better in this regard: Bev spent years in organizational development and Patricia is a psychotherapist.

I was fascinated with the thought-provoking exercises found in their workbook, learned a lot about my own desires and dreams for the future, and think you will, too. So take a few minutes and listen to what Patricia and Bev told me on Feisty Side of Fifty Radio. Then take some time to check out their website and see what they have to offer. After all…your future is in your hands and now is the perfect time to design your own meaningful and fulfilling 3rd act!

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    This sounds great. We all have things that maybe we wanted to do after we “retired”. Be it a change of career or just some classes for fun. I will have to check out the website and workbook.

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